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Use your emotions to feel your way back to well-being

I did this last week without even realising I was doing it….and then I reflected and thought; I have to share this with you because for me it’s been a bit of a game changer, well actually a lot of a game changer!!

So, I’m a bit of a spiritual being, a believer in the Universe, a lover of meditations, mindfulness and all things ‘woo woo’…that’s what friends and family who don’t have my beliefs call it anyway!

Lately, I have to admit that my spiritual practices have taken a bit of a back burner and I have felt a little misaligned, but chemo does that to you doesn’t it!

But last week, on chemo number 5 I decided to call upon my meditation and mindfulness practices to try and help with the pain…..oh wow!!!

Not only did I discover a series of meditations for pain that really (and I mean really!!) helped but I also re-connected with my spiritual beliefs through Abraham Hicks (if you don’t know what I’m talking about Google!!!!) and this is where I think things changed for me.

I found myself on day 5 of chemo number 5 feeling well….and I mean well. The dreaded bone pain was hardly noticeable and the heaviness of my limbs was not registering with my mind. I felt completely different, as I would expect to feel the following week!!

Not only was my physical well-being improved but I also felt a real emotional and mental shift and this is where the magic started to happen and things started to come to me;

💗 I was gifted a FREE membership to an online Spiritual Sisters Academy - totally out of the blue, from someone I’m connected to on social media. This is going to get me connected back to my spiritual practices

💗 A beautiful candle arrived, a gift from someone unknown and I’m still none the wiser who sent this but i have sent out thanks to the Universe so hopefully they know how grateful I am

💗 A beautiful soul I’m connected to on Instagram messaged me and wanted to ‘pay forward’ a gift to me. A fellow cancer thriver who knew from her own experience how this felt for both the giver and the recipient. So now I have a gift card waiting to purchase some new reading material for chemo number 6

I can literally hear some of you saying “These things are just coincidences!" but let me tell you; I don't believe in coincidence. The amazing Oprah Winfrey says that there is no such thing as coincidence, that they are all just little miracles. Your life is trying to tell you something all the time, you just need to pay attention.

✨ So that's my gift to you. Take it or leave it. Believe it or disregard it as ‘woo woo’.

But, what have you got to lose. Try connecting with your mind, your spirit and the Universe next chemo. Download a couple of my meditations or use an App or YouTube to find some material. Give Abraham Hicks podcast a listen. Try thinking differently about chemo and open yourself up to good feelings.

I'd love to hear from you....let me know if you connect with what I'm talking about 💗

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