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Looking Good....Feeling Good

It's not always about 'faking it til you make it' but sometimes this saying rings true for me and no more than during treatment when I wanted to make myself FEEL better, not physically but mentally and emotionally. For me looking good helped me take control in some ways.

I never wanted to look or feel like a 'victim' of cancer or chemo - nobody does, but it's difficult when treatment wipes you out and you're feeling anything but at your best.

So how did I take control and embrace this one word bronzer!! Well it wasn't just bronzer to be fair but a lot of my feeling good had to do with looking better than I felt and bronzer helped me take away that washed out look - it was also my bald head's best friend for months 😜

I made sure every time I went 'out out' during treatment - and to be honest this was mostly hospital appointments (they quickly become your social life 🙄 🤣) I put on make up, bronzed my bold, bald head and looked the best I could. I put thought into what I wore, like I did when I was working, taking myself away from the victim mentality and into the 'in control' mentality. I was looking cancer and chemo in the eye and saying f u - you may have taken my hair, changed my body and taken my energy but I am looking at you straight in the eye and I'm not blinking first!

I know there were times when I felt like crap, in fact utter shit and could hardly drag myself off the sofa and there were no amounts of bronzer that were going to save me - well I couldn't even raise my arm to put the bloody stuff on 🤣 but it's all about taking control when you can.

I'm going to talk more about this, I'm also going to speak to Ophelia King a medical tattoo expert who helps women with breast cancer in so many amazing ways but I'm not going to say anymore, you'll have to wait for that podcast.

For now....take care of yourself and remember that you can only do what you can do....all of our journey's are our own unique journey's and all I try to do here is give you my take, what helped me and the tools and techniques I have learnt along the way.

For more Badass inspiration join my Thrivers Hub and receive weekly pieces of joy and love from my heart to yours.......💞

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