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I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it!

Your whole world changes after cancer. FACT

The way you feel about your future is altered. FACT

The way that others see you is changed. FACT

You no longer sweat the small stuff. FACT.

You no longer suffer fools. FACT.

Cancer doesn’t have to signal the end of your dreams. FACT.

Cancer could signal the start of NEW and EXCITING dreams. FACT.

You do not have to please everyone. FACT.

All these statements are what I thoughts and how I felt post Breast Cancer. I had to take a stock of my life, all the things I had focused my time and energy on and re-evaluate them all (especially after the death of my husband).

Now I am clearer, focused, have my mo-jo back and clarity on ‘where am going’ and ‘how I am getting there’.

My purpose is driven around helping others, especially women floundering after Cancer. I want everyone to understand that this can be a gift, an opportunity to really understand your world and what’s important to you.

What does your map of the world look like now?

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