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Commit to your future best self, not what’s taking you off course!

Ever had a time when you were on a great track and everything seemed, for once to be going well and then a curve ball came out of nowhere - trying to de-rail you????

So, its early 2021 and I’m formulating these plans, all these plans, these wonderful plans of turning my life around, (not that my life was particularly bad just lacked a certain purpose); changing the course of my career and helping people become a life coach, not helping people to become a life coach but helping people by becoming a life coach!!

And everything was going relatively okay, okay I was probably a little bit slow and taking my time, getting distracted by pretty, shiny things like brand colours and websites but in the end I knew what I wanted to do and I'd decided a course of action. I'd signed up to a programme around business with the amazing Cathy Heller that was going to help me get my business going and work out what my niche was and what I was going to be all about and how I moved forward with the business.

And I was in a really good place, well a relatively good place at. least and then I got this shot from the bow, actually it was like a shot in the shoulder (I swear it was my late husband sending me a signal; I just wish he could've picked a more subtle way) , anyway I discovered a lump in my breast again and within three weeks I’d been diagnosed with Grade 3 breast cancer. Thank god after tests and scans it was confirmed that it hadn't spread and it was 'just' primary breast cancer again, a reoccurrence!

I realise how funny it is that we are thankful for a just a primary breast cancer diagnosis but I'm more than aware that it could've been a lot, lot worse!

Now some people would go okay I'll just pop the business idea on hold and focus on what's going on with my health, no distractions but if you haven't already realised this I'm a little bit stubborn and pig-headed plus very determined so once my course of action was decided on my cancer I actually realised that the purpose or the Universal sign behind my cancer returning was to make me realise that I needed to use my freakin’ awesome mindset skills and life coaching tools I’d learned to help other women going through breast cancer. There was born the badasscancerthriver (well, after a little bit of work!!!)

I'm a big believer in the Universe and signs, and I admit the Universe could've been more subtle in pointing out my purpose to me but who knows it might've been trying other ways and I could've been ignoring it, so it had to SHOUT!

Anyway, I digress. I'm not about the detail about the specifics around cancer, all the acronyms and grade’s etc etc; all that just does my head in to be honest with you, so I leave all that stuff to the experts. No. I’m all about what’s going on in the head. How we manage the emotions, navigate the feelings and work out how we get through this with as much ease as possible without going freakin' crazy!!!

I still have a long way to go with the cancer treatment and I have been trying to build a business at the same time as undergo scans, surgery and chemo, which I can tell you is not easy but I have a very clear picture in my mind of my future self and she is bloody awesome and making a difference.I'm determined not going to let pesky bloody cancer de-rail my plans.

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