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Who I serve!

Women. Women in their mind 40's and beyond who struggle with limiting beliefs, a negative mindset and feel stuck in a life they do not want. Feeling lost and unsure as to where life is heading.


You may feel that you are stuck feeling not enough, that you are not worthy of love, of success, of happiness or stuck feeling that you are different and all the things you really desire are not available for you.

Feeling stuck like this is debilitating, it's like being stuck on a hamster wheel going round and round on a monotonous, never ending journey, going nowhere. You look around and see others living the life you wish for, long for and feel that this is just not available to you. 

Very often these negative beliefs began somewhere in your mind a long time ago, they have been left to fester over time, in fact for many years they may not have felt as though they were really impacting on you. But in our mid 40's we often start to reassess where we are, where life has led us; this could be with children leaving or growing up and not needing us as much, it could come from a career change or redundancy that leaves us re-evaluating what we want from our lives.


It's then that these negative self beliefs start to really take hold of you, remember they've been growing roots for years probably so they are no easy to shift on their own.


That's where I come in!

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