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Theres's a good chance that if you've landed here it's because you've recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. That sucks and I know as a breast cancer survivor myself that your emotions may be all over the place.

If so, then you're in the right place as I'm here to help!

I'm Nikki, I'm a a twice Badass Breast Cancer thriver and I'm making it my mission to empower women like us to combat the fear of the 'cancer' word and navigate the emotions of this journey with  grace, hope and love. As a transformational mindset coach I know I can help you do this - because I've helped others' just like you!

I'm here to tell you that I can help you to find ways to navigate the sometimes murky waters during this moment in time with confidence, clarity and courage. I can help you create a fierce, bold attitude and mindset that sets you up to take on cancer and treatment and come out the other side a better, stronger and more powerful woman!

I'm passionate about what I do, I share my passion not only on social media but through my podcast and a local radio show (oh yeah you can't get away from me - I'm everywhere!!!) I host where I share my story and everything I've learnt along the way!

If you want some support and help from a twice breast cancer thriver, qualified mindfulness, life coach and a whole host of other things then I'm your girl!

You can work with me in a 1:1 session where we focus on one specific problem area such as overcoming fear; I'll take you through tools and techniques that'll mean you leave that session feeling optimistic and hopeful.

Or you can follow my online course Thrive through breast cancer which is jam packed full of tools, techniques and strategies to help you navigate the murky water of the breast cancer journey with more peace, calm and ease.

The breast cancer journey is not always an easy one but I can help from an emotional and mental well-being perspective - there is no reason for you to feel alone or scared,


You can work with me in a number of ways during and after your breast cancer journey

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Work with me 1:1

I'm all about joy, inspiration, hope, trust, faith, empowerment, optimism and honesty.

If you want to master your mindset through this journey and feel confident, empowered and fierce then find out how we can work together.

Book a FREE Discovery call now!

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Power Hour

A 1:1 Power Hour with me where we tackle 'fear' and I arm you with tools and techniques to help you move away from feeling overwhelmed to feeling calm and having clarity and hope.

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Online course

Thrive through breast cancer TM is my online course. Three modules and full of learnings focused around Embodiment of Calm TM, Mind of a ChampioTM and Soulful Connection TM

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