My name is Nicola Hadcroft

I've always had a passion and thirst for life and I've always loved people, I've loved developing, coaching and empowering people to discover their direction in life and follow their dreams.

Over recent years I have been more and more interested and intrigued by psychology; how our subconscious minds work and I've studied and gained qualifications in several different programmes and modalities including Neuro-Linguistic Programming®, Coaching, Mindfulness and Rapid Transformational Therapy® - the latter is hypnotherapy combined with NLP and CBT, resulting in amazing results. 


Just be more is all about empowering you to overcome challenges, obstacles, anxiety, fear and move forwards with mindfulness, optimism, resilience and exuberance.


A few things I'm really good at.....


I love to talk, but I also love to listen. I believe in the power of words and that with the right questions being asked in the right way I can help you move forward with the right tools and strategies for you!


With so many tools in my handy mindset and coaching tool belt once we have uncovered your personal fears and anxieties around your breast cancer journey then we can start finding the way forward!

Working Together

It’s all about connections and relationships. I was born a people person, one of my greatest attributes is building relationships.

I love to find about what makes you tick, what drives you, what lights you up and what doesn’t. I will always do this with kindness, compassion, consideration and empathy.

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