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My name is Nikki & I'm a Transformational  Mindset Coach

I'm all about helping women come unstuck from negative thoughts, beliefs and habits that are holding them back and stopping them from living a truly fulfilling, joful life.

Many women reach their mid 40's and feel that they aren't where they thought they would be by now, that either their job, relationship or life is not what they wanted for themselves. They see others' seeming to have it all and wonder why they can't be like that, why life seems to be passing them by.

Basically they feel well and truly stuck!

As a mindset coach my job is to help you come unstuck. To work with you to help you uncover what those negative, limiting beliefs you've been holding onto are and to work with you to get rid of them.

And once we've got rid of them them we can replace them with all the beliefs you want and deserve.


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